Texas Hold'em Playing Rules

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1. All participants are prohibited from placing any form of currency on a session table, as state law prohibits this. The following also applies.

  • No money bets of any kind.
  • No bets of anything of value (i.e. beer, drinks, etc)
  • No side bets of any kind allowed (i.e. last man standing, etc.).

Failure to follow any of the listed items above will result in immediate ejection from the site’s event & any other site held by Deuces Down both in current & future events. There are no exceptions to rule #1.

2. There will be minimum Profanity, Slandering, derogatory remarks towards another player. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the Violators being asked to leave/banned from future events. There are no exceptions to rule #2.

3. Poker etiquette is expected from all Players. Inappropriate behavior like throwing cards that go off the table may result with a penalty such as being dealt out for a length of time. A severe infraction such as abusive or disruptive behavior may result in ejection from the tournament.

4. The Tournament Director retains the right to cancel any promotion, event or alter it in a manner fair to the players. The Tournament director makes the final decision on all disputes.

5. Tournament cut-off times – Point tourney is end of first chip-up. 

6. All players start with an equal amount of chips and continue to play until one player remains and accumulates all the chips. Blinds are raised consistently throughout the tournament according to the blind structure set by establishment.

7. The lowest denomination of chip in play will be removed from the table when it is no longer needed in the blind structure. All lower-denomination chips that are of sufficient quantity for a new chip will be changed up directly. The remaining odd chips will be rounded up to the next chip denomination.

8. The Players "high-card" for the button (dealer position) immediately prior to the start of play. This means the player who draws the highest card will start with the button. In case two Players get the same high card, those players with the same card must redraw.

9. The dealer button remains in position until the appropriate blinds are taken. Players must post all blinds every round.

10. If a player in the small blind is eliminated, the button moves to the empty position and the player immediately to the right of the button deals the hand for the missing player. If the player in the big blind is eliminated, the small blind position is dead and only the big blind is posted. This ensures that all players post the big blind every round.

11. New players are dealt in immediately unless they sit down in the small blind or button position. In these two cases, they must wait until the button passes.

12. Players are obligated to take their "Blinds". (A "blind" is a fixed amount of chips, determined by the size of the game that is automatically put into the pot in Hold'em tournaments prior to the hand being dealt to force action.)

13. The Small Blind is the player immediately to the left of the dealer button and the Big Blind is the player to the immediate left of the Small Blind. (It is possible for a player to take two Big Blinds in a row. For example, if he just had the BB at his table, which just broke down and then was seated in the BB at his new table.)

14. If a table is reseated and 50% of the players are new to the table, then the Players "high-card" for the button immediately prior to resuming the session.

15. When two Players remain, the Player due to assumes the Big Blind will do so, and the Small Blind will inherit the button. The Small Blind or button will act first prior to the flop and second after the flop.

16. An absent player is always dealt a hand, and will be put up for blinds.

17. If you are not present when it becomes your turn to act, your hand is mucked (folded). This includes situations in which a live blind is not present to act, since an absent player cannot exercise the option to raise.

18. If a player is accidentally dealt a card face up (or a card is seen by someone else at the table on the Deal), the Player has the option to keep the card, if not the dealer continues to deal the hole cards to all players. The dealer then replaces the seen card with a new card and the seen card becomes the first burn card.  If the dealer prematurely deals any card that is seen, the table freezes & dealer must retrieve the seen card & reshuffle the deck.  He must then proceed as if the error did not occur.

19. If at any time a players cards touch the muck pile (discard pile) the cards are dead and must remain in the muck and the player loses all action on that hand.

20. If a player lacks sufficient chips for a blind or a forced bet, the player is entitled to get action on whatever amount of their chips remains. In this situation a side pot could occur for players with remaining chips.

21. All hands will be turned face up whenever a player is all-in and betting action is complete.

22. When a Player loses all his/her chips, they are eliminated from play.

23. If two (or more) players are eliminated on the same hand, the player who started the hand with the most chips will be awarded the higher finishing position. If Both Players have the same amount of chips the rank is determined by which player has the better hand.

24. The tournament will continue until one player wins all the chips.

25. Players' chips must remain on the table at all times, unless you are reassigned to another table.

26. All cards & chips must remain above the tabletop during play.

27. Raises must be equal or greater to the Big Blind (i.e. Blinds are 50-100, the bet is 100 the raise must be at least to 200, it can be over 200 but at least the 100 big blind is a raise.  Any additional raises must be double the previous raise.)

28. One player per hand. Once you are eliminated from a session, please vacate your seat.

29. Once a table hits 3 players or less and the table cannot be broken, movement from the table with a higher number of players to the table with fewer players will be determined by a "high card" draw. The player with the highest card will move to the other table.

30. All players must determine a bet by evaluating their own chips. Telling others player that you will put them all-in or asking other players how many chips they have is not acceptable etiquette and will not be tolerated. If a player wants to put someone all-in then they should move all-in and see if the other player calls.

31. Any Losing Hand that is called needs to be shown face up to prevent helping another player gain a chip lead on purpose.

32. A player may not win anymore chips than equal to their bet except for ONE exception.

Player A is all-in small blind at 200-400 blinds for 100. Player B is big blind at 400. Player C goes all in at 7200 and all other players Fold (including Big Blind), except for Player A who is already all in for small blind. Then Player C pulls all his back except for 100 and player A is eligible for big blind too.

If a Player goes "all-in", they are only able to win chips EQUAL to their bet.

********Deuces Down reserves the right to refuse anyone to play poker at anytime*********